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Red Flags for Lovie



    Red Flags for Lovie
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    Lovie Smith

    If there's anything Bears fans can count on, it's that Lovie Smith will throw the red challenge flag during Bears games.

    He has challenged a referee's call 15 times since 2009. But considering that's he's only been successful three times, the coach may want to rethink his challenge strategy.

    His ineptitude in using the challenge was on display during Sunday's 17-14 loss to the Redskins. Smith unsuccessfully challenged a possible Earl Bennett touchdown while missing that one the very next play, Jay Cutler scored one.

    In the third quarter, Cutler connected with Bennett for a 48-yard gain. Bennett crashed down around the goal line, but he was convinced that he had scored a touchdown.

    A quick look at the replay showed that Bennett's knee was down at the one-yard line. The Bears, leading 14-10 at the time, were in great position to score and had a fresh set of downs to do just that. Still, Smith listened to his player and threw the flag. Not surprisingly, the call on the field was confirmed, and the Bears were charged a timeout.

    On the very next play, Cutler tried a quarterback sneak. Then he fumbled the ball, the Redskins recovered, and the Bears went onto lose the game.

    Except for one thing -- Cutler broke the plane of the end zone. The Bears scored a touchdown, meaning the fumble wouldn't have mattered and the Bears would have been up 20-10. Smith and his staff straight up missed the Bears opportunity to score and take control of the game they went on to lose.