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Sit or Start: Fantasy Bears For Week Three



    Sit or Start: Fantasy Bears For Week Three
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    Jay Cutler: Let's get this out of the way: He is going to get sacked. The changes on the offensive line weren't miracles, and Clay Matthews will be coming after Cutler on every play. However, he will adjust as he did last week, and get the ball to his receivers. That's all you need for fantasy success.


    Bears defense: Check to see how your league is scored. If defense is given points solely by how many points the other team scores, then do not start the Bears. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was one of the most sought after fantasy quarterbacks for a reason, and this will likely be a high scoring game. However, if your league awards on the basis of sacks and picks, go for it. Julius Peppers and Tommie Harris will make mincemeat of the Packers' hobbled offensive line.

    Roll the Dice:

    Bears wide receivers: There's a problem with having a Bears receiver on your fantasy team. Cutler does not have a favorite target. He spreads passes around like he's doling out allowance. Against the Cowboys, four players caught at least four passes, but no one caught more than five. However, if Cutler throws a big bomb to your player, that could be a ton of points for your team.