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Sit or Start: Fantasy Bears vs. Redskins



    Sit or Start: Fantasy Bears vs. Redskins
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    Johnny Knox


    Johnny Knox:  The Redskins give up an average of just under 300 yards per game, the second-worst in the league. That means good things for big play receivers like Knox. He should be able to make the big receptions that earn your team precious points.

    Start with a caveat:

    Defense: Like the Bears, the Redskins give up a ton of sacks. Donovan McNabb has been sacked 14 times, giving up 96 yards. He's also thrown five interceptions and the Washington offense has fumbled five times. All of that combined means that the turnover-happy Bears defense could have a field day on Sunday, if their health holds up. Lance Briggs playing Sunday is key. If he plays -- which you'll know well before your roster is due -- start the Bears D.


    Jay Cutler: Big surprise, right? The Redskins defense could cause troubles for No. 6. They lead the league in breaking up passes and have sacked the opponent 13 times. Redskins cornerback Carlos Rogers mentioned on Wednesday how the Bears pass protection has "holes everywhere." Even if Cutler can put together another high-yardage game, the risk on turnovers is high.