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Should the Bears Go For Plax or Sims-Walker?



    Though the Bears seem set that they will develop the receivers they have instead of going after free agents, two wideouts on the market offer both opportunities and challenges for the Bears. Mike Sims-Walker and Plaxico Burress are both possibilities for the Bears.

    Sims-Walker was released from the Jaguars after he failed to make the leap to the No. 1 guy in 2010, and Jason Hill did. The Jaguars cut bait rather quickly, as Sims-Walker has both the size and the speed to excel in the NFL. In the right system, one that could utilize his speed, Sims-Walker could be an asset.

    What's the problem? Sims-Walker is the most popular receiver on the block. The Rams and Texans reportedly have interest in him, and the last thing the Bears want to do is to get in a bidding war. They've spent big money on Jay Cutler and Julius Peppers in the past few seasons. Though the salary cap has not been set, it's still something the Bears have to take into consideration.

    The other player is a bigger risk but has the potential of giving Chicago a higher reward. Plaxico Burress starred as a wideout for both the Steelers and the Giants, but at the moment is sitting in jail for various gun violations. On June 6, Burress will be released from prison and looking to get back in the game.

    The risks are obvious. The charges that landed him in jail weren't the first legal troubles for Burress, and there is no way to know what two seasons away from the game plus time in prison will do to him.

    Will he have the timing, strength or speed to still be an NFL receiver? Reportedly, the Bears are willing to give him a chance. They want to see the Burress who can gain more than 1,000 yards from scrimmage, as Burress has done four times in his career.

    So what would you do, Bears fans? Are either players worth the risk? Tell us in the comment section, on Facebook or Twitter.