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Sports Illustrated Says You're Wrong About Cutler



    Jay Cutler is the subject of an in-depth profile by Sports Illustrated, and it paints Cutler as arrogant, stubborn, and cursed with terrible body language.

    But the magazine cautions against labeling the guy who sat out the second half of the NFC Championship Game with a busted knee as soft.

    Sports Illustrated posits the idea that he's tough as nails and focused on winning. Oh, and he's kind to children.

    Of the many surprising items to come out of the profile, the biggest shock comes from what he says about why he hasn't done any endorsements or ads.

    "I was in Denver, not a huge market, came to Chicago and haven't really [sought out] a lot of marketing opportunities because we haven't accomplished what I want to on the field yet. Until we get to the Super Bowl, win Super Bowls and are successful there, then I don't think it's right for me to go out there and venture into those other markets." 

    How can you not like that? He isn't going to waste time filming commercials or shooting ads until he brings home the Lombardi Trophy. Normally, that's the kind of trait that Chicago loves, but he's far from a beloved player in this city. 

    But that gets to the crux of the profile: Cutler's image is not one that is well-crafted. He doesn't work with a publicist, which is unheard of for a player of his prominence. He doesn't publicize his good works, and he clearly doesn't enjoy post-game media sessions.

    This all shapes your opinion of the quarterback, because unless you've had a one-on-one experience with Cutler, you will see him through videos and interviews that he is uncomfortable doing. 

    You don't have to run out and buy his jersey, just realize that there is more to the man than the sulky face he so often shows on the sidelines.