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Roy Williams Asks, "What Drops?" And Other Silly Questions



    Roy Williams was indignant when a reporter asked him about a drop during Monday night's game. He denied that he had any drops in the game, despite the fact that his inability to keep the ball in his hands on third down in the first series of the game forced the Bears to punt. On the next series, he let a completely catchable ball sail through his hands on third down, again forcing a Bears punt.

    But to Roy, neither of those plays were "drops." That's not terribly surprising logic considering Williams' comments on other, more mundane topics.

    Let's take a look inside Roy's mind to see how he looks at life:

    • On allegedly proposing to his girlfriend Brooke Daniels:  Proposal? Fine. It was a proposal IF you think mailing a woman an engagement ring and recording a video asking her to marry men is considered a proposal. It clearly wasn't, so I need to get my ring back.

    Now, the reality that Williams has to confront is that his play has to improve, or Johnny Knox will take back the reps that had been given to Williams with his starting role. Williams is yet to have a catch in a preseason game, and receivers coach Darryl Drake said that if things don't change, Knox will be back in the starting spot.

    A demotion and a lack of reps will be a hard thing for Williams to spin, but it could be fun to see him try.