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Roy Williams



    Once upon a time Roy Williams was a stud.

    Then he went to Dallas and landed with a thud. Now the Bears retreaded him for 2011.

    This former stand-out has been promoted by the Bears as the long-coveted big, No. 1 reciever. But in reality he's more of a reclamation project. The Chicago roster is filled with such players after General Manager Jerry Angelo wen shopping in the bargain bin during a whirlwind free agency period that followed a mind-numbing labor lockout.

    An Odessa, Texas native he speaks the same Texas-drawl language as head coach Lovie Smith.  Plus he's familiar with OC Mike Martz, under whom he had trememdous success -- albiet on a terrible team. 

    The 6'3", 210 lbs wide should, however, thrill quarterback Jay Cutler, who's dying for someone to dump the rock to. 

    Bears fans will want to see a semblance of Williams' 2006 form where he tallied 1310 yards on over 80 catches with 7 touchdowns, and offensive Mike Martz says he believes Williams is  still capable of "elite player" status.

    If this former first rounder can recapture the polish, Bears fans will be happy. But the smart money is on Williams dropping the ball -- literally and figuratively.