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Rex WAS Our Quarterback



    Homecomings to Chicago will be sweet for a number of Redskins, this Sunday.

    Defensive end Phillip Daniels will  have a chance to see his son DaVaris play for Vernon Hills high school football in person, rather than games on the web.

    Mt. Carmel's Donovan McNabb, East Leyden's Mike Shanahan will be able to reminisce about their city of origin, and even Rex Grossman will can experience a return to his pro-roots.

    "I love the city, the tradition, the team and everything about it," he said. "I'm very proud to be a part of it."

    The former 1st round draft pick from 2003 says the negative times with the Bears are erased from his memory.  Instead, he chooses to remember the good old days when he heard Lovie Smith say "Rex is our quarterback" over and over again.

    "Definitely the 2006 season" Grossman told Chicago reporters on a conference call Wednesday.  "Some of the great moments: overtime of the Seahawks game, obviously the NFC Championship game in the snow celebrating. All of those types of memories will stick with me for the rest of my life.  All the negative, bad comments are just a blur."

    Will the negativity continue?

    "I don't know," Grossman said when asked what kind of reaction he expects in his return to Soldier Field Sunday.  "It's hard to anticipate, but I would assume it's a boo."

    Grossman doesn't care. He still loves Chicago.