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Pre-Gamer: Seahawks vs. Bears



    Pre-Gamer: Seahawks vs. Bears
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    Devin Hester

    The Seahawks will bring their 2-2 record to Chicago on Sunday at noon, with the Bears coming in as the seven-point favorites. Here's what you need to know for the game.

    Are you ready for some special teams? The Seahawks lead the league in average yardage of kickoff returns. The Bears are the second best team in the league in punt returns, total yardage, and are in the top ten for kickoff returns. With Bears Danieal Manning and Devin Hester and Seahawks Leon Washington and Golden Tate on the field, there is a chance for a touchdown on every punt or kick-off.

    Jay Cutler is back!
    No more Todd Collins. Sure, Cutler may be sack and interception-prone and he's returning after a concussion, but he is capable of leading the team to victory. Collins won despite completing two-thirds of his passes to the other team.

    Stopping the run: The Bears were successful in stopping the Panthers' rushing threat DeAngelo Williams last week. They look at Seattle's newest team member, Marshawn Lynch, no differently. "Not a big deal. It is the same running game, I think. We have to prepare for the runs they do, and their scheme. They have a different guy back there getting the ball and stuff," Brian Urlacher said.

    Soldier Field is not his friend: Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasslbeck has had his worst games this season when outside and away, throwing four interceptions while on the road and five interceptions in outdoor games.

    The offensive line will have a new look ... again. With Chris Williams returning from injury, the O-line has had another reshuffle. Williams will play left guard while Roberto Garza rehabs from an arthroscopic knee surgery.

    Real Bears fans wear pink: Don't forget that the Bears want to fill Soldier Field with fans wearing the special breast cancer awareness shirt. If you're headed to the game, you can find more information about it here. Hopefully, Jay Cutler will wear pink this week, because we all remember what happened when he didn't.

    Weather: Sunday has a high of 69 degrees with partly cloudy skies and light winds.