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Bears' Opponent: Pick Your Poison



    While the Bears hibernate, four other NFC teams will duke it out this Sunday.  Of those that win, one will travel to Soldier Field and hopefully, a terrifying demise thanks to the collective cleats of Julius Peppers, Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher.  Let's check in on the teams we could face in round two.

    The Seattle Seahawks are a worthless excuse for a franchise.  They "won" their division with a 7-9 record and a roster filled with rejects you wouldn't want starting for your fantasy team even five years ago when they were slightly more relevant.  Somehow, they get to host a playoff game.  New Orleans should split them in half with a "Mortal Kombat" finishing move within the first quarter.  But if they somehow manage to beat the Saints, we would gladly welcome them to Chicago with a ferocious beat-down.  It's a matter of league honor that these losers be banished as quickly as possible.

    The New Orleans Saints have last year's championship belt, and they have a chance to be the first repeat champion since the Patriots in '05.  Drew Brees has had an off year, throwing the second-most interceptions in the league.  Considering their injury-laden backfield, the pressure is even higher on Brees this year.  That would bode well for the Bears if New Orleans comes to town.  With no running threat, the Bears can rush four and drop seven into coverage.  Interceptions would fall like snowflakes.  You can never count the Saints out, but they look vulnerable this year.  We'll take 'em if they come.

    After starting slow, catching fire and imploding in the late season, no one knows what to make of the Philadelphia EaglesMichael Vick was an MVP candidate until he sputtered late in the year.  They ended with losses to Minnesota and Dallas -- two teams that were models of dysfunction this year.  But Andy Reid has a long playoff history.  Ideally, we'd face the Eagles in the NFC Championship, home to many Philly choke-jobs over the years.  The Eagles are the most volatile team in the postseason.  They could put up 50 points or give up 50 turnovers.  Probably not the team we'd want to face.  But the Bears effectively handled Vick earlier in the year, so there's no need to panic.  Plus, how great would it be to eliminate Philly in the Stanley Cup Finals and the NFL playoffs?

    Ultimately, you have to like the Bears chances in their first playoff game.  As was the case all year, the competition doesn't seem to matter.  The Bears seem to decide if they win or lose.  Let's hope they're ready to stomp whoever rolls in.  We didn't come this far for nothing.