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Peter King's Crystal Ball Kind to the Bears



    Peter King, like almost everyone who makes a living in the sports writing biz, wants you to think he's smart. 

    So he and the rest of the posse will take every opportunity to "predict" the season to come.  Fact is, the expert preseason picks are no more valid than what your Uncle John screamed at that homecoming game that got him barred from all future high school athletic competitions.

    Any dope can look at the standings and make the assumption that the rest of the season will shake out the way the first 11 games have.  And as King rewrites his power rankings to boost the Bears, the Trib is remembering his preseason pick of a Bears-Patriots Super Bowl.  Of course, he picked those teams before the '09 season, but a prediction is a prediction, right?

    Should we be excited by this news?  Fearful?  I refer you to yesterday's blog and Brian Urlacher's sure-to-be-immortalized-in-granite quote.  Peter King doesn't matter.

    A million things have to happen before the Super Bowl.  The Bears have to clinch a playoff spot.  Home field and/or a bye would be nice.  Then they have to win at least two games in the postseason.  They have to stay healthy.  They have to avoid stupid mistakes.  They have to stay hot.  I hate to break the news, but we're still in November and the Super Bowl isn't until February.  Anything can happen between now and then.

    Did you know Arizona, Dallas and Denver are still playoff eligible?  They've each lost eight games.  Their fans have shredded their jerseys and wept openly at family gatherings.  And they can still make the playoffs.  Why isn't Peter King predicting their finish?

    At this point, there's an equal likelihood of the Bears making the Super Bowl and throwing out a first round flame-out.  We like to think their chances are good, and the team looks poised to make a run.  But let's say Jay Cutler gets another concussion.  Or Julius Peppers gets his hand caught in a lawn mower.  Or Lovie Smith gets fatally pinned by Rowdy Roddy Piper.  That would shake up King's prediction pretty severely, no?

    The Bears are finally getting some national attention.  That's all well and good.  But the scoreboard is all that matters.  Call me in February.