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Peppers Not Pointing Fingers, But...



    While Jay Cutler walked to the Soldier Field tunnel boos and curses rained down from the Bears fans.

    Julius Peppers was not far behind, shaking his head.

    After the game, Peppers sat at his locker with his head down not wanting to talk.

    And while Cutler was telling the assembled media the Bears defense had every right to be mad, there sat Julius Peppers carefully measuring his words after the Bears 17-14 loss to the Redskins.

    "It ain't about being mad at nobody" Peppers finally said. "We can just be mad at the's not about placing the blame on anybody else or looking at somebody to point the finger at."

    Despite forcing six Redskins fumbles, recovering one; picking off Donovan McNabb twice including DJ Moore's return for a score.  It wasn't enough to overcome the six turnovers by the Bears offense.

    "We play defense and it's not our job to put points on the board," an obviously frustrated Peppers said.  "We played well today on defense, that's obvious everyone can see that.  Offense, not so well but ..."

    Peppers admits the defense could've done more.  starting with himself.  Although he had 3 tackles, Peppers was shut out from recording any quarterback sacks for the third straight game.  Number 90 is sitting on the number 2, for his sack total this season.

    "Its not really frustrating, I felt the pass rush was good.  The sacks are overrated."

    And with that, Peppers exit from the locker room was just as quick as the one off the field.