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Bears Defense and Peanut Tillman Making History



    The Bears are talking about history in the making.  Sunday's win in Nashville not only saw them scoring the most points since 1980 but also coming 10 points shy of their franchise record 61 points.

    Fans are still talking about the dominating way in which the Bears beat the Titans. 
    Five more takeaways for a +16 turnover ratio. Brian Urlacher's interception returned for a touchdown is the Bears 7th interceptio-for-a-score through eight games.
    "Today was just ridiculous" defensive tackle Henry Melton said while laughing.  "The ball was just coming out. The looks on everyone's faces when it was happening, especially the coaches were like 'what the hell is going on'?!."
    But when you're talking history, no one in the Bears locker room has ever seen what Peanut Tillman is doing.  
    Lovie Smith specifically asked Tillman and the defense to strip the ball early, "for a coach to be able to watch a special trait that he has, a special ability to knock the ball out is hard.  It kind of sets the tone for our football team right away".
    The NFC Defensive player of the Month forced four more fumbles in what his teammates are calling an All Pro season.
    "Peanut, Peanut, Peanut" linebacker LanceBriggs repeated, "We're all seeing history being made I've never seen anybody do what he's been able to do so consistently."
    Defensive end Julius Peppers agrees. "No, No, I've never seen anyone have a season like this"
    Tillman now has seven forced fumbles 36 in his career.  He joked earlier last week that "stripping" got him through college.  
    "The sky is the limit" Tillman insisted, "I think each week we do want to get better. Our goal isn’t to peak right at week eight. We want to keep peaking each week. We don’t want to level off."
    Opposing offenses aren't laughing anymore.