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The Evil Packers Got A Steal in McCarthy



    Mike McCarthy just got a nice raise for winning the Super Bowl. The Green Bay coach will now make $5 million a year, which is exactly what Lovie Smith made for losing to the Packers twice.

    Does Lovie deserve to make that much, or did McCarthy get a weak raise?

    In seven years with the Bears, Smith is 63-49, giving him a winning percentage of .563. He has three divisional championships, one conference championship, but no Super Bowl wins. McCarthy is .600 after five seasons, with just one conference championship and one divisional title, but he has the trophy that counts: the Lombardi. Not only that, but he also developed players so that the Packers are going to be good for a long time.

    The Sun-Times' Neil Hayes uses McCarthy's contract as proof that Smith shouldn't expect a raise:

    According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Packers’ coach will soon sign a three-year contract extension that will pay him $5 million per season. Since that’s the same amount written on Smith’s current W-2, it will be more difficult for the Bears’ coach to persuade general manager Jerry Angelo and president Ted Phillips to add a bump in salary as well as more years to his new deal.

    A contract extension for Smith is well-deserved. He has proved his worth to the Bears by overachieving with a team that was expected to finish in third in the NFC North. He is well-compensated for that feat, and should get some job security out of it. 

    But the front office in Green Bay should be smiling right now, as they got McCarthy for a steal.

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