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NFL Owners Meet; CBA Proposal Details Out



    After a day of hanging out in Rosemont, the NFL owners have given football fans absolutely no clue on if they are any closer to a labor deal that would end the lockout and allow the 2011 season to start on time.

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell met with the media after the end of the five-hour meeting to say, well, not much at all.

    But he was positive about the whole process.

    I think it’s a tremendous positive that the principals are talking. Players and owners are talking to one another and negotiating, and I think that’s a positive step. Hopefully we’ll all be successful in reaching an agreement that’s fair and balanced for everybody. 

    While the Commish was tight-lipped, ESPN found out details of the proposed labor deal. Basically, this labor agreement is much simpler than the last one that benefited accountants and lawyers more than anyone else. The highlights are below, but you can read the whole article here:

    -- Players get 48 percent of "all revenue."

    -- Players' share will never dip below 46.5 percent, under new formula being negotiated.

    -- Teams required to spend close to 100 percent of the salary cap.

    -- Rookie wage scale part of deal but still being "tweaked."

    The players' percentage is smaller, however the league would no longer taking $1 billion off the top of all revenue. The retired players' pension is also being addressed under the proposed CBA, and the time that a player is in the league to become an unrestricted free agent would be shortened.

    Next up, the owners in charge of hammering out an agreement with players will meet later this week continue negotiations in suburban Boston. There is no guarantee that these meetings will lead to a signed CBA, but it is a good step. All those good steps have to lead the NFL somewhere positive.