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On Trade Deadline, Angelo Says Forte Is Staying Put



    Tuesday is the NFL's trade deadline. Unlike in other sports, the NFL's trade deadline usually goes by with little action because players don't get moved often once the season starts. Players can ask for trades, like Chris Harris did this week, and GMs will make calls, but there's little movement.

    That's why it's no surprise that the Chicago Tribune reported that other teams were interested in the Bears' best offensive threat.

    Forte is unhappy about his lack of a contract extension, so any team in search of a player of his caliber -- read: every team ever -- will go fishing. With the prospect of becoming a free agent in the offing, Forte is happy that other teams have an interest.

    "For me to be out here working as hard as I do and not have a contract extension, you kind of get that feeling of being unappreciated. I just hope that when this year is over and I play as well as I've been playing, that if the Bears don't reward me with a contract, another team will."

    Bears fans, if that doesn't turn your stomach, I'm not sure what will. You can't blame Forte for wanting to be paid more than $600,000 a year when people who don't perform as well as him make millions. You can't blame Forte for wanting to stay in Chicago, and getting frustrated when the Bears brass doesn't make him feel welcome.

    Angelo claims that he didn't get any calls, and that Forte is not being traded. That much is good to hear, but what Chicago wants to hear is not that Forte will not be leaving Chicago in the foreseeable future.