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Counting On It



    There have been quite a few bets made around town on Sunday's game.

    What's really at stake? A whole lot of cheese.

    Chicago Mayor Richard Daley made a super-sized wager with Mayor Jim Schmitt of Green Bay Friday. There are edibles on the line, including (and absolutely not limited to) a dozen turkey legs from MacArthur's Restaurant, 25 pounds of tootsie rolls and -- yes -- multiple pounds of cheese.

    Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn bet against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Per their agreement Wednesday, the governor from the losing team's state will volunteer at a food pantry in the winning team's state while rocking a T-shirt that supports the winning team. If the Bears win, Gov. Walker will also fly a Bears flag at his office on Feb. 5, the day before the Super Bowl. If the Bears lose, Gov. Quinn will fly the green and gold. 

    Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listeckibet the Chicago Archbishop a (cheesy) deep-dish pizza that the Bears would lose. The Chicago native owes Archbishop Francis George a cheese basket if the Bears take the win.

    Our own Ben Bowman also is betting against the Bears, and he has $20 on it. He wrote Friday that the Chicago team has been lucky, but that luck won't through Sunday. He bet Rob Elgas the money.

    Or should we say -- cheddar.