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No Need for Cutler to Throw It Long



    Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz said that he is open to using Jay Cutler's ability to throw long passes more often.

    "We'll get to it. We've tried to throw the ball down the field here a little bit. It will come more often. It's something that will materialize, I promise."

    One follow-up question, Coach. WHY?

    Cutler has improved as a quarterback since the disastrous games against the Giants, Redskins and Seahawks. The bye week gave him a break, and since then, he's been stellar. Why change what's working?

    Chicks may dig the long ball, but so do defensive backs. When Cutler throws long, he's taking too big of a chance that the DBs will be where his receivers are supposed to be. Though Johnny Knox is one of the league's fastest receivers, he's also adept at catching the 15-20 yard pass and using that speed to add yards after the catch.

    A long pass also takes longer to set-up, meaning that the offensive line needs to be perfectly on point for Cutler to throw it. He can't use a two-step drop to throw a 40-yard pass. When you throw in the fact that it's December in Chicago, and the Bears have a decent shot at playing in the slippery snow, it's just not worth it.

    Coach Martz, we know that Cutler can throw the ball long, but there is no need to fix what's not broken.