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Moore Criticizes Cutler for 'Unfair Treatment' of Webb



    Several former players spoke up after Jay Cutler berated and shoved teammate J'Marcus Webb on the sidelines of Thursday night's loss to the Packers. The list of players unhappy with Cutler now extends to his own teammate. D.J. Moore, who briefly played with Cutler at Vanderbilt before joining him in Chicago, criticized Cutler's actions.

    "Is it unfair to criticize Jay right now? Shoot, it's unfair for him to be like that toward J'Marcus," Moore said Monday. "In every game in every sport, there's always somebody who has a tough day. For you to come off on the sideline, once you holler at him it makes it seem like (Webb) is the only reason."

    Moore was upset with the way Cutler shoved Webb and said "it wouldn't have gone down like that" if Moore was the one being shoved.

    Webb released a statement about Moore's comments through Chicago Tribune writer Vaughn McClure.

    Cutler Discusses Webb Incident

    [CHI] Cutler Discusses Webb Incident
    On ESPN Chicago's "The Jay Cutler Show" Tuesday, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler talked about the shoulder check he gave teammate J'Marcus Webb during last Thursday's loss to the Green Bay Packers.
    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012)

    "I am concentrating on being a better player while continuing to be a loyal teammate for our organization, and always striving to be a better man. I appreciate the concern, but there is football on Sunday."

    It's never a good sign when teammates speak out against each other, but that Pandora's box was opened by Cutler when he ripped the man charged with his protection. Moore speaking out on his teammate's behalf shows some unity between the defense, where Moore plays, and offense. What Cutler did was not right, and it took courage for Moore to speak up.