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Mike Martz is "True Grit"



    Mike Martz is "True Grit"
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    Bros: Mike Martz and Jay Cutler

    In taking the blame for Sunday's performance by the offense, Mike Martz likened himself, or not, to the Duke.

     "I've gone throught his before and I hate to admit this to you. I'm not trying to be John Wayne, John Wayne died a long time ago, I'm just being very blunt, very honest with you. It's painful."

    He's not John Wayne. But both men have the same initials.

    Wayne's real name was Marion Michael Morrison & Mike Martz.

    So, what John Wayne movie best resembles the Bears right now? "The Alamo"? "The Gunfighter" "The High & Mighty".

    I know! "Flying Leathernecks!"