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McMahon, Other NFL Alums Sue League



    Former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon is among a group of former NFL players who are suing the league for failing to protect their health in light of concussion-related injuries.

    From ESPN:

    The suit accuses the NFL of negligence and intentional misconduct in its response to the headaches, dizziness and dementia that former players have reported. The suit, filed Wednesday, seeks medical monitoring along with funds to pay for the care of injured players. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy says the league will vigorously contest the claims.

    McMahon's ability as both a rollout and play-action passer meant that he took a ton of punishment during his playing days. He reveled in it, often sacrificing his body for the sake of his team.

    It worked, as he led the Bears to a Super Bowl championship in 1986, and is still one of the most beloved quarterbacks in Bears history.

    Now, McMahon and his fellow NFL alumni are finding out the consequences of playing football in an exciting way, and they are asking the NFL for help to take care of the bodies they ripped apart for quality football.

    They aren't the only ones, as a group of 75 players filed a similar court case earlier this summer.

    These court battles will likely be drawn-out and ugly, but hopefully will result in a better, safer game for current and future players, and better care for the ones who have left the game.