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Martz-Cutler a Marriage Made in Heaven



    Do you think it's easy to be in an arranged marriage? 

    If you grow up in that culture, you may think it's awesome: Your parents do all the heavy lifting of finding a spouse and you just need to show up and follow through.

    Over time, you make it work because, well, you have to. You're married. Now, in the arranged marriage between Mike Martz and the Bears offense, things are really starting to click.

    There wasn't much of a honeymoon period.  At the beginning of the year, this pairing looked doomed.  Cutler and Martz wanted to gun it deep.  The receivers couldn't get open.  Sacks multiplied. You had to wonder about the wisdom of this arrangement.

    But now things are different.  Martz understands all his pieces. The players understand the man calling the plays.  And defenses are getting shredded.

    Yesterday, Jay Cutler became the first Bears quarterback in 15 years to throw three TDs in the same quarter.  Against the Jets' 5th ranked defense.

    The Bears are playing within themselves. You don't see the panic you saw earlier this year.  They chip away until something breaks.  And with Hester providing great field position, it doesn't take much work before a game completely breaks open.

    Before we go nuts with confetti, let's remember an offensive explosion was necessary because the Bears had such a lackluster-to-bad first half.  When this marriage really starts humming, we won't need defensive stops or wild comebacks.  We'll get a lead and sit on it.

    Martz, Cutler and this inexperienced receiving corps each is explosive.  They can blow up the opponent ... but they can also blow up in our faces, too. 

    But for now, this marriage seems to be gelling quite nicely.