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Lovie and the Bears Show Their Sensitive Side



    Lovie and the Bears Show Their Sensitive Side
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    Smith hopes you'll focus on the Bears future.


    The Bears do not appreciate your lack of appreciation.

    The team was surprised to hear critics after they barely squeaked by the Lions, a team who went 2-14 last season. Lovie Smith was bothered that anyone would dare question his play calling on defense.

    "It seems like every time we play double coverage, (people ask) 'Why do you guys play two deep?'" Smith said. "On that play, we had a blitz on — 'Why don't you blitz more?' — and when you blitz you can't double cover everybody on each play. Football 101. Can't do it. On that play we didn't. The next two we did."

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    Desmond Clark figured everyone would be happy the team beat the Lions 19-14 in the season opener. But the tight end was sure surprised the fans' reaction on talk radio and his Facebook page.
    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010)

    Lance Briggs was bothered by people who brought up his age, along with the age of his linebacking partner-in-crime, Brian Urlacher.

    "I want to address some of the critics that say some of us are too old, we're too slow, we're not fast enough to make plays or this and that,'' Briggs said. "Really, all the critics, you know what they can do.

    Never mind that he and Urlacher are both 32, the age when football players start to slow down. Urlacher played brilliantly on Sunday, but this was the first game. There is no guarantee that he will be able to keep up the pace.

    Even Dez Clark got in on the act, saying on Twitter, "Listening to the radio it seems like people are upset more than happy we won."

    Gentlemen, it's early in the season. Chances are you're going to be subject to much more criticism. Toughen up. You're being paid a large wad of cash to do your very public job. Criticism from media and fans is part of the job.

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    Bear Down, Chicago.