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Lovie Smith is NyQuil's Latest Pitchman



    If the way the Bears are playing makes you sick, don't worry. Lovie Smith has you covered, as he's the star of NyQuil's latest NFL-themed commercials. 

    Smith has had to endure the extremes of Chicago weather while coaching, which will bring about a lack of health. With Chicago predicted to have the worst winter ever, it's good the man who stands stoic despite the wind, snow, rain and sleet will have a way to combat the sniffles.

    He claims that he was a fan of NyQuil before ever being asked to star in an ad.

    "It's a good brand that I use, No. 1," the coach told the Chicago Tribune. "It's not like it's hard to pitch something that I believe in. Plus I've seen some of the Drew Brees commercials and thought it would be fun. You know, I did have a little bit of time this offseason."

    It's great that Smith has found the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, best-sleep-you-ever-got-with-a-cold medicine. Now, he can focus on fixing the Sunday sackless, befuddled, first-down-losing, most-yards-given-up-in-game-since-82 defense.