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Lance Briggs: 'I'm Feeling Very Championship'



    Lance Briggs spent this afternoon in a comic book store in Bucktown talking about his new comic book "Seraph", but the six-time Pro Bowl linebacker has his mind focused on what needs to be done at Soldier Field on Sunday. In a word: more.

    "We just have to do more," Briggs told Grizzly Detail. "We forced Oakland to kick six field goals, and what we should have done is forced them to kick seven. Everyone has to do their part to do more and create this playoff push. Every game's important. If we win the rest of these games, we're in. That's the type of urgency you have to have."

    Briggs knows that there are just five games left, and the Bears don't have time to mess up any games.

    "It's so hard to get into that playoff race. It's so difficult to get into that championship game. We all know what it takes to get there. We know how precious it is. We're not taking any game or any opponent for granted."

    Lovie Smith's teams are known for peaking at the right time, and Briggs finds this to be true of this year's team. He was on the Bears team that went to the Super Bowl in the 2006 season, and he believes that this is another team that can win it all.

    "This is a championship team. I'm feeling very championship right now."