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Know Your Enemy: The New England Patriots



    Who better to guide us through the New England Patriots than the classic rockers Boston?

    Smokin': Unfortunately for the Bears, QB Tom Brady is smokin' hot right now. Over the past four games, he has 13 touchdowns and an unheard QB rating of 136.9. The Bears will face a tough task in stopping him.

    More Than a Feeling: Jerrod Mayo has more than a feeling when he's out on the field, allowing him to be the league-leader in tackles. Mayo has been a one-man tackling machine for New England, with 93 solo tackles and 50 assists. His 143 total stops nearly doubles the total of Patrick Chung, the Pats' number two tackler.

    A Man I'll Never BeBenJarvus Green-Ellis -- nicknamed "Law Firm" because of his lengthy name -- will never be a marquee running back. He's not going to have the overwhelming season of Arian Foster or Adrian Peterson, but in the Patriots' offense, he plays an important role. He averages 4.3 yards per carry and gives the Patriots a pop on offense when needed.

    Don't Look Back: The Patriots offensive line was once considered the best in the business, but with Stephen Neal out for the rest of the season with a shoulder injury, they are struggling. After getting sacked three times by the Jets, Tom Brady might not want to look back, or he'll see Julius Peppers and Israel Idonije coming his way.

    Long Time: It's been such a lonnnnnnng tiiiiiiime ... since Tom Brady threw a pick. One of the reasons Mr. Bundchen has such a high quarterback rating of 109.5 is that he rarely throws interceptions. His last pick was on October 17.