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Know Your Enemy: The Minnesota Vikings



    The Vikings are a familiar opponent for the Bears, having played the NFC North (and once central) rival 100 times. This season, the Vikings are 1-4, and have a reputation for blowing leads. What else do you need to know about this team in purple?

    AP's Shot at a Record: There might be some sad history on Sunday night if the Bears allow Adrian Peterson a rushing touchdown. If he gets one, he'll tie Walter Payton's record for the most rushing TDs in the first five seasons. As one of the league's best backs, he already has 6 TDs and 498 yards.

    McNabb's new home
    : Donovan McNabb landed in Minnesota after things didn't quite work out in Washington. While they went with some washed-up Bear, McNabb struggled at first in Minnesota. He has steadily improved and usually plays well against the Bears.

    Guy with a Mullet Is Streaking
    : If Jared Allen gets a sacks this week -- HA! If! -- his consecutive games with a sack streak will move to eight. Considering that Jay Cutler is on a 27-game getting-sacked streak, it's probably safe to say that Allen's streak will live on.

    Special to Special Teams
    : With Percy Harvin on the field, Devin Hester won't be the only threat to return a punt or a kickoff for a touchdown. He has four returns for a score. He has missed practice because of a rib injury but is expected to play on Sunday.

    Punter with a Personality: Chris Kluwe has a solid punting and Twitter game. He talks about video games and football and all kinds of stuff that will liven up your timeline.

    Coming home
    : No matter how long they've been coaching for other teams, it's still weird to see Leslie Frazier's scowl and Mike Singletary's scary eyes on the other sideline. Their tenure with the '85 team ensures that they will always be Bears. Donovan McNabb starred at Mt. Carmel High School on the South Side and once made my brother badly miss a tackle.