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Know Your Enemy: The Detroit Lions



    Dan Hampton Tees Up the Lions

    The Bears great talks up the Lions defense. (Published Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011)

    The Detroit Lions have been so bad for so long that it was much easier to pity them than fear them. With Matt Millen in charge, they were an unquestionable two wins on the Bears schedule every season. Now, the pity should turn to fear, as they have gotten really good. 4-0 good. One of the best teams in the league good.

    So who are these Lions?

    Fairley scared: Ndamukong Suh, who promised to hit Jay Cutler a ton, is already one of the league's most frightening players. He disposes of quarterbacks at an alarming rate. The terror level will be upped on Monday night, as equally frightening rookie DT Nick Fairleywill make his debut. He isn't expected to play much, but this is one of those cases where just a little can do a lot.

    No lead is safe
    : The Lions are 4-0, in part because no lead is safe with their offense. Last week, they were down by 24 points to the Cowboys but mounted a huge comeback -- while Tony Romo collapsed -- to win the game. They are one of the best second-half teams in the league, as they have only allowed two second-half touchdowns all season.

    Megatron is not child's play:Calvin Johnson just may be the best receiver in the league this season. He can make catches that no human being should be able to make. His eight touchdown catches lead the league, and he's the first wide-out in NFL history to start the season with at least two catches in four straight games.

    Healthy Stafford Is Healthy
    : Matthew Stafford has always had the makings of a good quarterback, as long as he could stay healthy. Stafford is both healthy and blessed with a good receiving corps. This season, he is behind just Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers in touchdown passes, and is averaging 304.2 yards per game.

    Wait, these are the Lions?
    Their 59-point scoring margin in the best in the league, and they are tied for the best turnover margin in the league. These are not your father's Lions.