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Know Your Enemy: Ndamukong Suh



    Height: 6’ 4”         

    Weight: 307 lbs.

    Position: Defensive Tackle

    Year: Rookie   

    Age: 23

    Target: Jay Cutler

    Claim to fame: Suh was drafted No. 2 out of Nebraska. During a preseason game against the Cleveland Browns he nearly decapitated quarterback Jake DelHomme.

    What they’re saying about him: Olin Kruetz paid respect to ESPN Chicago. 

    "His hype is well deserved," Bearscenter Olin Kreutz said. "He's a good player. Anybody who goes No. 2 [in the draft] has earned it. We'll go out there, play against him, and find out what he's about."


    Box Score Bet: 2.5 sacks.