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Know Your Enemy: Clay Matthews



    Know Your Enemy: Clay Matthews
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    LB Clay Matthews looked like Hulk Hogan as he showed off his pythons while celebrating a sack of Vick.

    Ahh, Clay Matthews. How could you not love that linebacking scamp? He walked-on at USC, one of the best football programs in the country, and earned himself a scholarship. What a redemption story! How an unknown, unheralded player could grab the attention of -- wait, what? He's a legacy Trojan football player? Oh, and a third-generation linebacker bred for the NFL? And he posed on the cover of Sports Illustrated shirtless? AND THE HAIR?

    Nevermind. You can go back to hating Matthews now.

    The linebacker has been in Green Bay as long as Jay Cutler has been in Chicago, and though he's been a Pro Bowl sacker for those two years, he hasn't been too effective against the Bears.

    In four games against Chicago, he's had just two sacks, an insanely low number when you consider that he has 24 sacks in two seasons, and that the Bears give up more sacks than any other team in the NFL. That doesn't mean that the Bears don't need to worry about him, as he has been hot in the playoffs, sacking Michael Vick once and Matt Ryan twice.

    Sadly, Bears fans will have many years to hate him, as this is just his second year in the NFL.