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Know Your Enemy: Aaron Rodgers



    All week, we'll take a closer look at the enemies from the north, starting with their signal caller: quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

    Rodgers' performance in the playoffs so far have been nothing short of astounding. He has earned a quarterback rating of 134.5 by throwing six touchdowns, running in one more, and passing for 546 yards without a single interception. The Bears have a huge job in front of them in stopping Rodgers and his hot streak.

    But that doesn't mean he's been perfect. Concussions take their toll on any player, and Rodgers has had two whoppers this season. He's also not very mobile, and as his rushing yards accumulate, so do his sacks. His QB rating in two games against the Bears is 91.1. While that's good, it's not as high as the triple-digit numbers he has been putting up. He also has two interceptions and a fumble against Chicago.

    Then there's the little matter of the cancer survivor he walked by after the Pack returned to Green Bay after their win this weekend. He had a right to do it, but it was a little heart-breaking to watch. One of the simultaneously endearing and annoying part of the Packers fanbase is that they are so genuine and earnest in their love of all things Packer. By ignoring a fan decked in pink Packer-wear, Rodgers stomped all over that earnestness.

    Hopefully, the Bears will have a chance to exact revenge for her.