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Julius Peppers Is the Man Who Can Stop Michael Vick



    Michael Vick has been a force this season. In just 7 games at quarterback for the Eagles, Vick has 11 touchdowns, 1,608 passing yards and 375 rushing yards. His six-touchdown game against the Redskins was a thing of beauty, and is the reason why the Bears are playing the Eagles at the more desirable timeslot of 3:15 instead of noon. Can anyone stop this man?

    Yes. He wears No. 90 for the Chicago Bears.

    Julius Peppers is one of the few defensive linemen in the NFL who can match up with Vick's athleticism. Vick can scramble better than any other QB in the league, which is why he leads them all in rushing yards. But Peppers is fast, and has the ability to track down runners behind the line of scrimmage. The Bears have the second-best running defense in the league, and that is due in no small part to Peppers.

    Peppers is also a very streaky player. He is always important to whatever defense he plays for as he draws double teams and frees up his teammates to shine, but he also is capable of putting up big numbers for sacks and tackles. When he gets hot, it tends to last for a few games. After quiet games against the Vikings and Bills, Peppers had a monster game in Miami on Thursday. He had six tackles and three sacks.

    Calling Vick"the MVP," Peppers acknowledged that he will provide Chicago with a good challenge. The Bears will have their hands full trying to contain Vick, but they can meet that challenge with Peppers playing at his peak.