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Jay Cutler Has a Green Thumb



    Jay Cutler has many roles. He's a quarterback, a dad, the fiancee of a reality TV star, a fan of sweaters and a bumper of linemen. On Monday's "Jay Cutler Show" on ESPN Chicago, Brandon Marshall shared another role for Cutler: gardener.

    During the call-in segment of the show, Marshall was asked about any Cutler secrets. Though Cutler cautioned, "Careful, B," Marshall said, "He grows tomatoes."

    Cutler acknowledged his new hobby.

    "Started this summer, and it's doing alright. It's not as easy as it looks."

    "I met him in his condo this summer, and he had a whole little garden. I didn't know that about him," Marshall said.

    Just assume that Cutler the Gardener yells at his tomatoes to grow faster. Hopefully, he knows better than to bump them when he's mad. Tomatoes bruise easily, Jay.

    Marshall also talked about the interception Cutler threw early in the Bears huge win in Jacksonville. When he called in, he was only identified as, "Brandon from downtown," and asked Cutler, "What happened on that interception?"

    "Well, our no. 1 receiver that we had probably ran the wrong route," Cutler said.

    "Watching film, I think the receiver could have done a better job," Marshall responded.

    "That's what I told him on the plane, when we watched it together. I said, 'You cost me an interception.' You said, 'Yes, you're right.'"

    But Marshall got in the last word.

    "But he bounced back in the second half!"

    Marshall did bounce back in the second half, putting together his best game as a Bear. Now, he and Cutler have the bye week to harvest tomatoes.