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Jay Cutler



    Wounded warrior Jay Cutler has been an enigma since before his knee failed him in the NFC Championship game against the Packers.

    Fans questioned his attitude and mechanics since before the Bears traded a king's ransom to get him from Denver, but after the injury, and the mismanaged aftermath, now folks are questioning Cutler's durability.

    During his first season with the Bears, Cutler, who hails from Santa Claus, Indiana, made a present of the ball 26 times, setting a record for interceptions.  In 2010 he put together a solid season, but dropped out of the playoffs.

    Notorious for his less-than-enthusiastic body language and absent leadership, Cutler still desperately needs to demonstrate a change in attitude if he wants to claim lead the team to the Super Bowl. But first he’s got to jump a different hurdle deal with yet another remade offensive line and a small receiving corps.

    It’s a tall order. But another disappointing season out of Jay and Chicago’s tough-to-please fans will be chanting for [insert backup quarterback name here] in a hurry.