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Caught in a Bad Bromance



    In the middle of the Bears' Sunday night win, Jay Cutler aimed a dirty word at his offensive coordinator. It was caught by cameras, and Cutler admitted that the f-bomb was aimed at Mike Martz. At Wednesday's press conference, Cutler tpld reporters it was said in the heat of the competition.

    "I'm a competitor. So is [Martz]," Cutler said Wednesday. "So is everyone on this offense. Whether we are up three touchdowns or three points, a second- and third-down call is as important as any one in the game. It is what it is. We're good. We're moving on." 

    Martz had the same reaction: No big deal.

    "If (his expletive) was at me, that's probably the nicest thing a player said to me during a game," Martz said with a hearty chuckle. "Hey, during a game there are a lot of things being said. That's not an issue. It's just part of the deal." 

    Though they both deny any troubles, we have to ask. Is the bromance over? 

    When Martz first showed up in Chicago, he and Cutler raved about each other. They talked about how they enjoyed being in each other's company, and how Cutler truly understood the Martz offense. Then, Cutler found out that the Martz offense + a terrible offensive line = a whole lot of pain. He was sacked 57 times, sustaining a concussion and a torn MCL. This season, he asked for a little more control in calling plays. Against the Vikings, he was able to use shorter drops to get rid of the ball quickly, giving the Bears their best offensive performance of the season. Cutler was sacked just once, a season-low. 

    Maybe the bromance isn't what it once was, but as long as the Bears offense keeps producing, who cares?