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Iron Man Jay



    Iron Man Jay
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    Worried Jay
    This is the face Cutler makes when he's contemplating a tough game, or a bad play. He made it often in 2009, when he tossed 26 interceptions.



    First it was Kyle Vanden Bosch.

    Then DeMarcus Ware in Dallas.

    Monday night Jay Cutler will be running from Packers linebacker Clay Matthews and his six sacks this season.

    "Every team has a guy who is a guy you have to block and he is one of those guys" Bears Center Olin Kreutz said.

    Whether its Frank Omiyale filling in at left tackle for a hobbled Chris Williams (hamstring) or if O-Line Coach Mike Tice inserts Kevin Shaffer or someone else, it will take a "village" to protect Cutler from the Green & Yellow's #52.

    "He's got a high engine, his motor's always going, he gets off blocks really well" Cutler explained. "Once he gets the quarterback in his sights, he attacks and finishes. You don't see many guys get away from him."

    And if you saw Cutler running for his life early in week two's game in Dallas you'd swear he has side and rear-view mirrors attached to his helmet the way he was able to get away.

    "I'd rather not take them (shots)" Cutler laughed, "I was proud of the offensive line, we were under some stress early on but pulled together."

    Cutler says it doesn't mean they're getting rid of 7 step drops altogether, they'll adjust and do what they have to win. They'll find a way. Jay Cutler has always found a way to stay healthy. Missing just one game as a redshirt freshman, Cutler started 45 straight games at Vanderbilt, and as 55 games as an NFL starter, Jay Cutler has never missed a game due to injury.

    "It's a little bit of luck" Cutler explained, while knocking on the wood of the podium he was standing behind, "I don't know what it is, hopefully I stay lucky."

    He'll either be really lucky to escape from Clay Matthews Monday night, or the offensive line will adjust without its starting left tackle again.

    As Mike Tice says, "If you wait to make adjustments until Monday morning you might as well move on to selling cars or something like that".