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How Two Unknown Linemen Helped Cover for Jay Cutler's Absence



    How Two Unknown Linemen Helped Cover for Jay Cutler's Absence
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    Jay Cutler won't play this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers because of complications from the concussion he incurred last Sunday against the New York Giants. Instead, Todd Collins will start for the Bears.

    Matt Forte ran through a lot of holes Sunday that were opened up by the turn-styles.

    Rookie right tackle J'Marcus Webb and second year Guard Edwin Williams, just signed by the Bears September 1st, both started their first game for the Bears. The big men additions starting helped jump start the Bears running game to the tune of 218 yards rushing.

    "They did an exceptional job," Forte said after the game. "To be young as they are come out and be poised and get on their blocks and have a running day like we did that's very good."

    Forte was able to rip off 166 of those yards, and his first and second rushing TDs of the season, behind the hefty right side. 

    Webb, a 6'7" rookie out of Texas A & M was just playing the way Offensive Line coach Mike Tice wants.

    "[Be] hard nose, mean and know what to do and how to get them," Tice says.

    Veteran center Olin Kreutz said he more impressed with how quickly the two ascended the starting ladder.

    "J'Marcus is going to be as good as he wants to be, and Ed came he just got here" Kreutz explained. "He puts in a lot of work and performs like that, they were real impressive today."

    The new guys supplanted Kevin Shaffer and Lance Lewis, and look to have helped the run game considerably. Forte's 101 rushing yards in the first quarter marked the first time a Bears running back has had 100 yards in any quarter since James Allen in December of 1998.

    The First time the Bears garnered 100 rushing yards in the first quarter since 1996. In total the Bears handed off 42 times for 218 yards, which accounted for most of their yardage for the game. 

    "It helps you run the ball if you're committed to it" Forte said, "You put your mind to it and he calls the run plays and the O-line blocks like they did we can run the ball."

    When Jay Cutler returns from injury they may have a passing game, too.