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How the Pro Bowl Bears Performed



    Just a week after the Bears were knocked out of the playoffs, two of Chicago's stars helped the NFC to a 55-41 victory over the mostly apathetic AFC during Sunday's Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

    It was a sloppy, boring game ruled by the NFC, but how did the Bears do?

    Julius Peppers had the better game of the two Bears on the field. Peppers was named NFC captain before the game and sacked Arian Foster when the Texans RB was lined up as a quarterback. He was the only Bear on the NFC's defense, since Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher didn't make the trip to Hawaii.

    Devin Hester made a mark on the game, but not in a good way. He fumbled when trying to hand off a kickoff return to DeAngelo Hall, and the fumble was returned for an AFC touchdown. Hester finished the game with 100 kickoff return yards.

    The best part of the game for Peppers and Hester is that they both ended without injury, which really is the main goal of any player elected to the exhibition game.