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Hey Jerry! Draft This Guy: Danny Watkins, Baylor



    Oh, Jerry. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. We know you're busy with Lovie Smith and Matt Forte's contract extensions -- we're hoping you are, anyway -- so we want to help you. The combine starts next week. Here is a player you need to check out.

    Danny Watkins from Baylor is not the conventional player who will turn your head. He's 27, inexperienced and not from a traditional football powerhouse. But he also has good size, unlimited potential and is Canadian. (Him being Canadian has nothing to do with his football-playing abilities, but it will make interviews more fun when he has to talk aboot the game. Plus, Israel Idonije is Canadian, so they could have long, polite conversations with "Eh" peppered into it.)

    Watkins is versatile. Though he played tackle at Baylor, he moved to guard for the Senior Bowl and was comfortable there, and has also played center. He is explosive enough to stop defenders working the edges, and is fast and agile for his size.

    He's not a first-day, start right away offensive lineman like Gabe Carimi or Tim Barnes. However, Watkins is the kind of player who could still be around on the second day of the draft and add instant depth to the Bears O-line. Considering the age of the current line, that depth could prove to be invaluable.

    So Jerry, say hello to Danny Watkins. Check in with him at the combine and see what he's all aboot.

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