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Hey, Jerry! Draft This Guy: Bo Thran, Oregon



    Hey, Jerry! Draft This Guy: Bo Thran, Oregon
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    Bo Thran

    A continuing series of draft day suggestions for Jerry Angelo, who appears to be unable to identify offensive line talent.

    Hey Jerry Angelo, what are you up to Saturday night? If you're not busy running the Bears into the ground, you should watch No. 1 Oregon take on California. You can see Bo Thran, the Ducks' left guard, and how he is one of the best linemen in the country. Then, you should draft him. 

    Thran and his teammates have allowed just five sacks this year. In other words, they have allowed less sacks in nine games than the Bears did against the Seahawks. He's 6-foot-5, so size isn't a problem, and he's on the watch list for both the Lombardi and Outland trophies. His size doesn't limit his athleticism, as he is the Ducks' fastest lineman with a 5.43 40-yard dash

    Not only that, but Thran is the kind of man you want representing the Bears. After a horrific shooting in his hometown of Gresham, Ore., Thran organized a successful football camp benefiting the victims' families. Add in the fact that he has one of the best names in all of football, and you've got the perfect Bear.

     Please Jerry, draft this guy!