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Healthy Bears Are Happy Bears



    The Bears finally have something they haven't had all season, and that thing may lead them to the playoffs.

    Is it an offensive playbook that keeps Jay Cutler safe, a defensive scheme that disrupts defenses, or the world's best general manager?

    Nah, it's their health.

    Nearly every Bear on the roster, save for Pisa Tinoisamoa who injured his knee, is expected to be ready for Thursday's game. A few players had limited reps. Johnny Knox's ankle is giving him trouble, as is Devin Hester's shoulder.

    However, neither are expected to be limited on Thursday night. Center Olin Kreutz also had limited participation at Monday's practice, but that's to be expected of a player who has started 127 straight games on the offensive line.

    Compared to other NFL teams with identical 6-3 records, the Bears health is near perfect.

    The Colts never know if Joseph Addai can play from one week to the next. The same is true of the Saints and Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas.

    The Bears most important contributors are (knock on wood throw salt spit twice) healthy. Cutler pointed out that he feels good, and assumed that it might be the lack of sacks he's had in the past two games.

    Football can be such a brutal sport that it sometimes seems like a war of attrition. The team who can limit injuries is often the team standing with the Vince Lombardi Trophy in their hands, champagne on their clothes and confetti in their hair. With a full practice at week 10, the Bears are sitting pretty.