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Why Brad Childress Makes Lovie Smith Tolerable



    Why Brad Childress Makes Lovie Smith Tolerable
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    Brad Childress

    Lovie Smith makes dumb calls. That time he declined to challenge a goal line fumble by Jay Cutler vs. the Redskins was downright silly.  

    He doesn't command the support of the fan base, either. Last season a bunch of rogues banded together to buy a "Fire Lovie" billboard, and another fan started the website "Fire Lovie Smith."

    But cheer up, Chicago. It could be worse. We could have Brad Childress as a coach.

    The Minnesota maestro began the season by begging old man Brett Favre to come back for one more run. Then he promptly entered into a pissing match with the long-toothed rock tosser over play calling and got his but handed to him. Favre now runs the team.

    More recently, Chilly has drawn considerable ire for how he handled the Randy Moss situation, essentially trading a third round draft pick for four losing games with Moss on the roster then jettisoning him for some penny-ante reason. 

    In the same week he had an emotional spat with his top receiver, Percy Harvin, over the results of an MRI. ESPN said that the two had to be separated to keep the fight from getting physical. The locker room almost certainly has no respect for him.

    Speculation has run rampant about Childress's job security, but no change is expected before Minnesota comes to Chicago on Sunday.

    See? The Bears do dumb things like get rid of Alex Brown so that they can focus on Mark Anderson, then cut Anderson in the middle of the season. Though that's stupid, it's not nearly as dumb as trading away an invaluable draft pick for a famously cantankerous star, then cutting said star when he becomes cantankerous.