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Guide to Chicago for New Bears



    The new Bears have a new home to get used to. They certainly will try everything great about Chicago -- Carimi has already tested out Lou Malnati's -- but they may want the comforts of home too. Here are places the Bears Top 3 draft picks should seek out.

    Gabe Carimi: The good news is that though we have great enmity, Wisconsin and Illinois aren't that different. They like beer, we like beer. They like cheese, we like cheese. (You know we do.) But once Saturday comes, you may want to cheer on your old teammates with fellow Badgers. Check into Will's Northwoods Inn -- which will give you a taste of all things Wisconsin -- Waterhouse and Redmond's to find people who will also know the words to "On Wisconsin."

    Stephen Paea: Finding Tongan food isn't the easiest thing, but Chicago will not leave you hanging. Check out Sola in North Center for food with a South Pacific twist. If you want a kitschy version of the South Pacific, head to River Grove and Hala Kahiki. Bonus: It's a block from Gene and Jude's, the best hot dogs in Chicagoland, if not the country.

    Chris Conte: Here's the bad news, Chris. We don't have an In 'n' Out burger in Chicago. Yes, it pains us too. But worry not! There are amazing burgers to be eaten in this city. Don't let the long wait or loud music scare you from Kuma's Corner. It's glorious.

    Do you have any other suggestions for our new Bears? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.