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Grizzly Detail Special Teams MVP



    Today's Grizzly Detail MVP award is for the phase of football everyone forgets about -- special teams. Though often underappreciated, the Bears special teams unit managed to stand out by being an integral piece of the team's NFC North Championship. Who stood out?

    Corey Graham --  Though he is a cornerback by definition, Graham was a beast on all four phases of the Bears special teams unit. His blocking allowed for the team to be successful on returns, and his speed as a gunner set up the defense for success. Graham was responsible for 16 percent of all the Bears special teams tackles with 25.

    Devin Hester-- What is there left to say about the Ridiculous One? Hester got back to his roots as a return man this season, scoring three times on a return and breaking the NFL's record for return TDs. He finished the season with 991 return yards, an astounding number considering that he didn't add kickoff returns to his arsenal until after the bye week.

    Patrick Mannelly -- As the long snapper, Mannelly holds a job that is only noticed when things go wrong. Did you notice Mannelly at all this season? Exactly.

    Danieal Manning -- One of the reasons why Hester could be so effective as a return man is that he wasn't the Bears only threat to rack up yards. Manning, who spends most of his time as a safety, ran for 816 return yards. He never scored, but he averaged just under 25 yards per return, giving the Bears offense a reliable boost.

    And the Grizzly Detail special teams MVP goes to ...

    Corey Graham! You thought it was going to be Hester, right? Hester wouldn't have been able to run for even one yard without Graham blocking his way. Graham is emblematic of the unique environment of the Bears special teams, one that Hester emotionally mentioned when he broke the record. He hated that he was the one getting all the honor, when great players like Graham weren't being praised for their role on special teams. Here is your praise, Corey. The Bears special teams would be lost without you.