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Grizzly Detail Pizzeria: The Knox, Forte and More



    Grizzly Detail Pizzeria: The Knox, Forte and More
    The Julius Peppers from Bricks

    Inspired by Bricks Chicago's new pizza, the Julius Peppers, we've come up with pizzas to honor the Bears.

    The Johnny Knox: Steak, hot sauce: The big-play wide receiver is from Texas, where good steak is plentiful. It would also be the main topping on the Knox.

    The Matt Forte: Andouille sausage and onions:  In honor of his college town of New Orleans, we'd pile the Forte these goods. If this pizza is ordered, it will deliver. Unfortunately, it's never given enough credit.

    The Nick Roach: You don't want to know what's on the Nick Roach.

    Lance Briggs: Avacoados and sprouts: California's own linebacker will get a good, healthy pizza. Hopefully, the healthy grub will help his ankle heal.

    The Garrett Wolfe: The works: He may be a back-up running back, but he's also one of Chicago's own, having grown up in the Windy City. Wolfe is honored with the pizza that also calls Chicago home, the deep-dish.

    The Olin Kreutz
    : Pineapple and ham: The longtime center is proudly Hawaiian, so we give him a pizza to honor his home.