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Grizzly Detail Defensive MVP Award



    In honor of Hollywood's awards seasons, we present you Bears awards season. It's just like the Oscars, except it's about sports, doesn't involve Botoxed actresses making bad jokes, and there will be no awkward montages of any kind. Our first award goes to the defensive MVP.

    The nominees are:

    Lance Briggs -- The Pro Bowl linebacker turned in another reliably great performance. He had 89 tackles, two sacks and seven broken up passes, even though he missed a game and a half. The true indicator of Briggs' value is that the games he missed, Washington and Seattle, were the same games where the defense looked lost on the field.

    Julius Peppers -- His numbers are impressive -- eight sacks, 54 tackles, two interceptions and three forced fumbles -- but Peppers impact can be better read by seeing how his teammates have improved. Israel Idonije, his twin on the other side of line, went from 2.5 sacks in '09 to 8 in '10. Henry Melton and Corey Wootton both notched their first sacks in the NFL under Peppers' tutelage. His athleticism is so hard to contain that he opponents have to double-team him, freeing up the rest of the Bears D to wreak havoc.

    Charles "Peanut" Tillman
    -- Yes, he falls down on coverage at times, but he is also one of the Bears' best at creating turnovers. He had five interceptions, tying Chris Harris for the team lead, and forced three fumbles using the patent-pending Peanut Ball Bunch. His knees may not last many more seasons, but for this one, Peanut was golden.

    Brian Urlacher -- The face of the Bears D was rejuvenated after spending a year on the injured reserve. Urlacher led the team in tackles with 126, plus had four sacks and 10 broken up passes. This Urlacher was the one that Bears fans like to remember when discussing great Bears linebackers.

    And the Grizzly Detail defensive MVP award goes to ...

    Julius Peppers! Congratulations, Julius. You were one of the best off-season additions the Bears have ever made. We hope you like it here in Chicago, and we hope you'll stay awhile.