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Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears from the Packer's Domination



    Few words fit the Bears loss on Sunday better than ugly. Little worked on offense, and the defense got burned by Aaron Rodgers too many times. Who stood out for being awesome or awful?

    Grizzly Bears -- those who looked pretty gouda:

    Lance Briggs
    : The linebacker was bound and determined to stop the Packers' high-powered offense, giving James Starks a particularly difficult time. On one play, he tackled Starks for a loss after spotting the running back behind the line of scrimmage, then taking him out at full speed. Briggs finished with 14 tackles and a forced fumble.

    Brian Urlacher: A veteran like Urlacher knows how important games against the Packers are, and he stepped up his game accordingly. His diving interception was one of the day's highlights. His final stats from Sunday's game: seven tackles, one broken up pass and one interception.

    Dave Toub: The special teams coordinator is considered one of the best minds in the game, and he showed it by designing what Rodgers called, "the most incredible play he has ever seen." Johnny Knox returned the ball for a touchdown (that was called back) after Devin Hester fooled everyone -- even the Fox cameraman -- into believing that he had the ball. Though the Bears won't likely be able to run that play again, they have shown that the team has two return options that opponents will need to prepare for.

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    Teddy Bears -- those who looked liked processed cheeselike product:

    The entire offense
    : I wanted to break this down into individual players, but what's the point when they were all terrible? The offensive line for making stupid false start penalties. Johnny Knox for dropping the ball at crucial times. Devin Hester for allowing the Packers inside his head. Jay Cutler for throwing two interceptions. Roy Williams for not making any catches. Ineptitude washed over every member of the offense.