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Bears vs. Packers: Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears



    Grizzly Bears -- the players who shredded the Packers with ease:

    Rashied Davis: Usually a back-up and special teams force, Davis was given more opportunities because Earl Bennett sat the game out to rest his injured ankle. Davis responded by making six catches for 63 yards.

    Matt Forte:
    The running back continued his reliable production by compiling 91 rushing yards and 60 receiving. He finished the regular season with 1,069 rushing yards and 547 receiving. The last Bear to do that was Walter Payton in 1983.

    D.J. Moore: The young cornerback has learned well from Charles "Peanut" Tillman. Moore forced a fumble, just as Peanut is known to do, but then took it a step farther by holding onto his man so that the Bears could recover the fumble. Add in four tackles and you have a good day for D.J.

    Teddy Bears -- the players who found the Packers as hard as a good block of parmesan:

    Devin Hester and Johnny Knox: Did these two miss the plane to Green Bay? It wouldn't have made a difference if they did. Hester had just 39 return yards and one catch. Knox, needing only 40 yards to get past 1,000 for the season, didn't make a single catch. Both of Cutler's interceptions were intended for Knox.

    Jay Cutler: Did you find yourself yelling, "Throw the ball, Jay!" throughout the game? Me too. I mean ... I don't yell at a television during football games. But if I did, I'd yell at Cutler for holding onto the ball too long -- leading to forcing the ball where it shouldn't go, resulting in an incomplete pass, or doing nothing, resulting in a sack. Either way, the Bears need to use the extra week the playoff bye provides to improve Cutler's timing.