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Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears: Week One Winners and Losers



    Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears: Week One Winners and Losers
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    Matt Forte

    Grizzly Bears (The Bears who embodied the best of their mascot. Roar.):

    Matt Forte: The running back, who was hampered by injuries last season, showed a return to form in Sunday's game against the Lions. He led the Bears in receiving and rushing, and was responsible for both Bears touchdowns. His 201 yards of total offense made up for the fact that he fumbled the ball.

    Brian Urlacher: If you didn't know differently, you would have no idea that Urlacher missed most of last season with a wrist injury. He looked like the Pro Bowler we all know and love, making seven tackles, assisting on another and coming up with a huge sack for a nine-yard loss.

    Teddy Bears (The Bears who had the same amount of grit as the prize you won at a state fair):

    Lovie Smith
    : Were you yelling at your television when the Bears decided to go for the touchdown on fourth and inches instead of taking the lead with an almost-assured Robbie Gould field goal? At Grizzly Detail headquarters, we were yelling our heads off. It didn't help. The Bears went for it, the Bears failed, the Bears won the game by a miracle.

    Devin Hester
    : The supposed star was a non-factor, making only one catch for 17 yards, and just 17 yards in punt returns. He must like the number 17, but let's hope he gets over his fascination with this number before next week's game.

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