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Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears: New England vs. Chicago



    Let's be honest. The Bears looked awful on Sunday against the Patriots, so even the bright spots are only bright in comparison to the deep, scary darkness, and the dark spots are really, really bad. Delve in with us.

    Grizzly Bears -- the Bears who melted the snow with their hot play:

    Danieal Manning: The Bears most underrated player struck again, gaining 124 yards in four kickoff returns. He added eight tackles on defense, the second most for the day.

    Devin Hester
    : So close! Hester remains on the edge of history, as he was just barely stopped from getting a kickoff return TD late in the game. Still, his 91 return total yards gave the Bears a chance at success, a chance which they quickly squandered. 

    Brian Urlacher
    : If every player on the D were like Urlacher, the game would have turned out differently. He was everywhere on the field, notching 11 tackles, a sack and three broken up passes. If only he could have turned those deflected passes into interceptions ...

    Teddy Bears -- the Bears who saw that it snowed and went back to bed:

    Jay Cutler: Oh, Jay. Your terribleness was amplified by Tom Brady's awesomeness. Let's compare. You went 12 for 26 for 152 yards, 2 sacks, 2 interceptions and a QB rating of 32.9, your lowest of any game this season. Tom's line? 27 for 40 for 369 yards, 2 touchdowns, 2 sacks and a QB rating of 113.4. Ouch.

    Lance Briggs: Did anyone see Briggs on Sunday? Maybe he just didn't show up. Perhaps he was stuck in traffic, or had to shovel some snow. He may as well have stayed home, because a five-tackle performance out of one of the Bears best tacklers is unacceptable.

    Johnny Knox: The Bears leading receiver had a first against the Patriots -- his first fumble! And he made it a doozy. Knox's fumble was returned for a Patriots TD, giving New England momentum in the second quarter where the Pats scored five times.